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Going out to eat can seem to impose a problem for vegetarians and especially vegans, particularly when all your friends eat meat. They act like you cannot eat anything from anywhere, but here's some tips on how you can decide what you can eat most anywhere and where you can suggest to eat if you get to call it.

First off, American food places which consist of bar-b-que, steakhouses, and/or hamburgers are some of the hardest places to go. As a vegetarian, you will usually end up having to settle for a salad, side dishes of steamed vegetables, and potatoes. If you eat cheese, there are usually a few more options, but that's just what they offer. Sometimes you will find more vegetarian accommodating dishes like grilled vegetables and bean or portabello burgers, but these are not the ideal places to seek a variety of food options.

Now, most foreign food restaurants are very accommodating for the vegetarian diet. Asian, Mediterranean, and Indian cuisines tend to be pretty easy since their cultures have a much more prominent vegetarian background/community. Thai and Vietnamese restaurants have been the most flexible that I've experienced; most will substitute tofu for any meat within any dish. Some even carry vegetable broths and such to substitute any beef or chicken stock used within the dish. **Chinese tends to be decently easy to be vegetarian, but I've noticed that many will use chicken broth in hidden places without telling you, so if you are vegan, be sure and ask about such.

Now fast food can get weird, because nearly every fried item has been fried right next a chunk of dead animal. So if you are vegan, any friend foods are pretty much out (at fast food places remember.) And usually the best thing you can do somewhere is ask for one of their grilled-chicken topped salads, but without the chicken. I think it's funny how most places these days only have salads topped with meat...Straaannge yes?

If you have any other questions, hit us up and ask a vegetarian what's up!